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Vegan meals don’t have to be expensive

Eating plant-based food can be a challenge for those who are just starting.  One of the major complaints about plant-based eating is how expensive it is. Depending on how you go about plant-based eating it can be extremely expensive.  Or, it could be much more affordable than the alternative.  If you are finding plant-based eating  …

Cardboard sign, save our planet

Environmental Impacts of clothing manufacturing

As with all kinds of manufacturing, there are environmental impacts when making clothes. Everyone needs clothes. So some of these environmental impacts are unavoidable. However, there are things you can do to minimize the impact you have on the environment. Today we will discuss what the environmental impacts of clothing manufacturing are. Then we will …


8 easy ways to carry your phone without pockets

When you are wearing Yoga pants or a dress, there is a good chance, you won’t have pockets. This can be frustrating and is the cause of many lost phones. Today we will discuss a few ways you can carry your phone when your pants or dress don’t have pockets.

Today we will discuss a few options for keeping your cell phone safe that doesn’t involve sticking your phone in the waistband of your pants, or inside your bra.