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Guide to Vegan Clothing

Being vegan is not only about adopting ethical choices when it comes to food. Vegans prefer to apply the idea in every aspect of life. Vegans also love to opt for vegan clothing to ensure that no animals are treated cruelly. They say no to clothes, which result in any process involving animal cruelty.

What is vegan clothing?

Vegan clothing is recognized to be shoes or clothes which are made without the use of animal products or parts. Vegans prefer such form of clothing as they ensure that no animals were brutally slaughtered or harmed during the manufacture of the clothes.

There are many viable options for such clothing include wood pulp fibers, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, repurposed or recycled materials, synthetic fibers, and manmade fibers.

The primary objective of vegan clothing is to avoid wearing or buying clothes, which were manufactured with the aid of or materials made from animal parts. This excludes any form of clothing which includes leather, shahtoosh, animal hair, wool, pashmina, angora, and cashmere.

If you are looking for vegan options for fur, it is recommended to wear clothes, made of faux fur as a replacement of animal pelts, which are procured from foxes, rabbits, and minks.

These faux furs are made from polyester and acrylic if you are planning to wear any furry clothes. People who intend to wear such forms of clothing can go for acrylic wool and synthetic fleece as a replacement of wool. Such clothes are durable, warm and easy to care.

If you are fond of silk, you can go for manmade fabrics which provide similar sensation and feeling. Instead of wearing animal feathers, it is recommended to choose filters like synthetic down.

People who are planning to make a wonderful fashion statement and stay away from cruelty-free materials can choose clothes, which are made of hemp, organic cotton, jute, and bamboo.

With a wide array of ethical choices, there is a wide assortment of vegan clothing that offers an enchanting look and comfortable feel to you.

Are all clothes vegan

A plethora of people have the question are all clothes vegan? Not every apparel, available in the market is a vegan cloth. Vegan clothing does not involve any apparels or clothes that are composed of feathers, hair or skins of animals which are inclusive of silk, feathers, wool, leather or fur.

Vegan clothes refer to garments, which are manufactured without the use of animal products.

Veganism is not any kind of crash diet. It refers to a lifestyle choice which includes bestowing protection to animals by saying no to animal products. Consumption of vegan food is considered to be the prime step towards efficient animal welfare. Vegans also tend to say no to household products, apparels, cosmetics which comprise of animal products.

If you are planning to shop for vegan clothes, it is recommended to follow the below-mentioned guide.

Feel the material

Finding real animal products from faux ones can be a real challenge. You need to remember that real fur offers a feeling, similar to hair. In addition to this, they are known to have a growth direction.

However, as you touch faux fur, it feels similar to shag carpet. These materials are known to be sewn in the straight rows. Real fur is grown from the skin of real animals, whereas synthetic fur and leathers come with a fabric backing, of white color. You will be capable of finding the stitching as you take a closer look.

Understand the type of garment

Another best option to ensure that you are picking vegan clothes is having an understanding of the standards. For instance, t-shirts are known to be cotton usually.

However, suits are made of wool. Thus, as you shop for a suit, you need to check out cotton, linen or suitable synthetic options. Belts and shoes are recognized to be common clothing products. They are leather usually, or at times, leather is present in the sole.

Though the blouses of women are made of silk primarily, at present, they are composed of polyester as well. Though ties are made from silk materials, they are present in the silky looks.

Take a look at the garment label

It is necessary to check out the garment label to ensure that the cloth, you are going to buy, is not made from animal body parts. As you take a look at the reading label, you should search for categories like quilting, upper, outer shell, and lining.

If you fail to find any such materials in the list, you need to check out the Care Instruction label. There are a bunch of animal materials which should be dry cleaned as they cannot be washed properly in the dryer or wet.

However, modern synthetics, as well as plant materials, are manufactured for machine washing. In addition to this, it is necessary to check out the blends. For instance, a sweater can be a blend of acrylic and mohair in the ratio of 5:1. Few of the common blends are referred to as silk/cotton and cotton/wool.

Do not forget the fiber

Cotton is considered to be the best material when it comes to choosing vegan clothes. Majority of the clothing products are composed with the use of cotton. In addition to cotton, few of the most common vegan fibers are inclusive of spandex, polyester, linen, lycra, bamboo, ramie.

If you are looking for clothes made of vegan fiber, you can refer to modal, viscose, acrylic, cork, micro fiber, PVC, Tyvek, rayon, nylon, denim, hemp, bamboo, etc.

The materials which are not vegan and are used for the manufacture of clothes are inclusive of cashmere, wool, alpaca, down, angora, down. Other materials which find extensive usage in the manufacture of non-vegan clothing include shearling, alligator, stingray, etc.

Give preference to every minute detail

At times, leather, fur as well as other things are included in clothes, and you cannot see them till you unpack them. Hence, it is a good idea to check out the leather label or fur trim on jeans.

You should also take a look at the minute details such as leather pocket details, fur pom-poms on the hats and scarves, horn or shell buttons. Few of the frequently overlooked accents are inclusive of feathers present in hats, as well as leather pulls, present on the zippers.

What clothes are not vegan?

If you are wondering what clothes are not vegan, go through the below-mentioned points. Here is a list of all the materials, which are not considered vegan:


Leather is not considered to be any type of vegan material as it is composed of animal skin. It is recommended to take a look at the label of the clothing to search alternative products which are similar to leather. Apparels which are composed of imitation leather materials are known to involve a reduced cut off from the pocket, in comparison to clothes, which are made of suede or genuine leather.

Animal or down feather

Clothes which are composed of feather and down are not considered vegan as the feather is plucked from animals. At times, the feather is collected by slaughtering them down or they are plucked when they are alive. It is recommended to take a look at the label of the clothing for finding substitutes of a feather.

Fabric or apparel composed of silk

Silkworms are known to be the natural producer of silk. At times, they are boiled when they are alive for the extraction of additional amount of silk. Hence, if you are looking forward to opting vegan clothing, you should say no to clothes, that are made of silk fiber.

Clothes made of wool

Rabbits, camels, sheep, and goats are recognized to be animals which have wool in their food. At times, wool is collected from them when they are alive. You will be surprised to know that there are cases when these animals are raised in different harsh conditions to get the hair. If you wish to wear vegan clothes, you should avoid clothes, made of woolen products which include pashmina, cashmere, angora, camel hair, to name a few.

There are a bunch of man-made clothes which are similar to wool in terms of thickness. You can go for these clothes to remove moisture and find the prerequisite warmth. Such products are composed of recycled plastic soda bottles.

Opt for fake/faux fur in place of pelts or fur

Pelts and fur are not recognized to be vegan clothing as they are collected from animals, which are trapped or raised for the fur which are inclusive of rabbits, lynxes, minks, and foxes.

Clothes made of animal glue

There is a wide array of fashion products, available in the market which is made with the use of animal glue. Glue, derived from an animal is made by the boiling of connective bones or tissues of animals.

Why wear vegan clothes

Vegans do not prefer to purchase clothes that are composed of materials, which exploit the animals. Animal products which are used in the manufacturing of clothes are not byproducts only.

Raising any animal to manufacture clothing or similar accessories is certainly cruel to the animals. In addition to this, it is harmful to the environment as well.

Animals that are raised by humans are kept in captivity for years. After which they are slaughtered. Hence, there is no doubt that any material which is made of animal products is very inhumane.

Wool is one example where sheep are known to be bred for several decades for the growth of more skin. Hence, farmers will be shearing more wool from the singular sheep. The selective breeding indicated that modern sheep are in high misery.

Mulesing is the practice in which the wool-bearing skin, present around the backside of the sheep, is removed. If the skin is left there, it can lead to the build-up of feces. Thus, the manifestation of maggots may occur which may lead to the death of the sheep.

The worst part is that the whole process is done without giving them any kind of pain killers. This leads to the exposure of raw tissue, and the injury may cause immense pain to the animal.

This is a common practice in the production of wool. It has become an indispensable part of industrial fashion. If you are willing to bestow protection to animals, it is essential to stop their exploitation. Hence, it is recommended to go for vegan clothing.


If you are planning to go for vegan clothing, you should look out for natural and plant-based fabrics which are inclusive of hemp, linen, and cotton. In addition to this, synthetics are regarded as an animal-friendly option to different materials like silk, wool, and leather.

A wide array of mainstream brands has come up in the market which has earned a high reputation in selling vegan clothes. Do not forget to keep an eye on the garment label while you go shopping. Finding vegan clothes is not a very tedious task. All you need to do is keep an eye on the tags, and watch for animal products.

If you intend to keep dead animals or any products made of such cruel practice out of your wardrobe, say no to horns, bone, feather, silk, fur, mohair, pashmina, snakeskin, shahtoosh, shell, etc. There are a bunch of vegan and ethical options of clothing to choose from.

Vegan clothes are the latest trends in the market and they have turned out to be an integral part of the wardrobe of many people. The fashion industry is investing more into vegan clothing to ensure the latest trends and designs are animal friendly, and comfortable to wear.