Posing Around the World: The Top Destinations for Your Next Yoga Retreat

In recent years, the number of Americans that identify as regularly practicing yoga has grown by 50%. Today, there are an estimated 36 million Americans who love this activity that’s part sport, part meditation, and part art form.

This makes sense — after all, yoga is shown to have health benefits that range from reducing anxiety and depression to preventing heart disease and certain cancers.

Yoga is great because you can do it every day from home, but as with everything in life, you’re going to want to switch it up sometimes. One of the best ways to do this is to save up some cash and head out on a yoga retreat to a nation known for its sights, scenery, and calming vibes.

Travel is essential to living a full life, and it’s even more so when you’re trying to achieve both physical and psychological peace. If you believe this tenant, then you know how important a trip would be. All that’s left is doing your research and figuring out where you want to go for your yoga retreat!

Here, we’re going to try to help you answer this question. There are lots of calming places with histories that go hand in hand with the zen you’re looking to achieve. Read on to learn some of the coolest destinations for a yoga retreat that you’re bound to remember for a lifetime.


Yoga is an activity with an amazing and long-lasting history, and the majority of this history stems from various places in Asia. Where better than pack up and head to than the place where your favorite activity has its roots?

Read on for some information about yoga retreats in Asia and why this continent should be at the forefront of your mind.


When you think about yoga, India is probably a country that pops into the forefront of your mind. There’s a good reason for that — India is the birthplace of yoga. People there began to practice the activity in 3000 BC, and it was developed as a way to strengthen the ties between body and soul, achieve inner peace, and ultimately achieve the Buddhist concept of enlightenment known as Nirvana.

Today, India remains a popular destination for yoga retreats, and with good reason. There are lots of different options for retreat venues, and these locales tend to use the most knowledgeable and enlightened instructors around.


Thailand is another place that yoga holds its roots in. Cities like Bangkok and Phuket offer immersive cultural experience, and more rural areas nearby them offer nature that encourages getting in touch with your spiritual self.

In Thailand, yoga evolved through the ages as a way to get in touch with your inner self and achieve peace within. Today, Thailand is still the place to do this as the people there are ever-dedicated to learning about the world around them and becoming one with nature.

Plus, a lot of the yoga retreats you’ll find there come in extremely affordable and well-valued packages, so why wait? Book one of these trips and begin finding your inner peace among like-minded individuals and communities!


When you think about yoga, China might not be a nation that immediately comes to mind. As a liberal-minded individual, you might even worry that China won’t be a welcoming place for people with your ideologies, but that couldn’t be far from the truth.

Part of being crunchy is embracing eastern philosophies and keeping an open mind to new cultures, and you’re sure to meet like-minded people in China.

Yoga in China is so popular that young children are taught to practice it in schools. People in this great nation are so committed to enlightenment that many like to take trips to the abundant fields and mountains in the countryside to meditate and practice yoga. If you choose to practice in a place that overlooks the Great Wall or the amazing Terra Cotta warriors, you’re sure to achieve inner peace.


Ah, Europe! A beautiful place with a rich history, cultured aesthetic, and so much to explore. While there are a ton of amazing places to look around at on this amazing continent, there are even more hidden gems perfect for taking your yoga retreat to.

Here, we’re going to talk about the ways a yoga retreat in Europe might be perfect for you.

The United Kingdom

The UK may not spring to mind immediately as a place where you’d go to practice yoga, but it’s an amazing destination for anyone, yoga lover or no. Wandering the streets of English cities like London and Canterbury are sure to bring you peace, and wandering the countryside of Scotland is an amazing spiritual experience.

One of the best places to take a yoga retreat in the UK is in Brecon, Wales. This area, known for its tall and majestic mountains, clear streams, and riding trails is the perfect place to book a trip for doing yoga.


Spain is another awesome destination for yoga retreats. The food is excellent for those who love the crunchy lifestyle, the castles are filled with beautiful relics, and the people are as friendly as can be. Plus, there are so many places that you can visit to achieve enlightenment by the water, mountains, or with like-minded people.

Of course, when you’re sitting on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea or in the mountains of southern Spain, you’re going to want to have a cell phone on hand so you can send images of your beautiful surroundings to loved ones back home (and post them to your Instagram feed.) Check out this article to learn how to carry your phone around easily when wearing pocket-free yoga pants!

The Americas

Seeing other parts of the world is awesome, but there are some amazing places to visit on a retreat right in your own backyard. In fact, Central and South America are well known for their natural wonders and quiet areas perfect for practicing yoga.

Read on to learn more about some of the places you should head out to for an all-American yoga experience.

Costa Rica

Lots of people choose to head to Central America’s Costa Rica for their yoga retreat, and we can’t blame them. Costa Rican yoga retreats are well worth your money and you’re sure to get great bang for your buck when you choose this nation as your destination. It isn’t difficult to travel to from the States, but its culture and sites are so unique that you’re sure to feel like you’re in a whole new (and better) world.

After you’re done with your daily yoga, there are a lot of places and activities in Costa Rica that are sure to give you a full spiritual experience. Head out hiking, zip-lining, skydiving, or sunbathing on the beach to get the most out of your trip. There’s so much to do!


In Peru, there are so many different places that hold people with so many different lifestyles. There are largely populated cities filled with friendly strangers, villages where you can try authentic local foods, and rural areas where you can experience South America’s natural wonders.

The even better news? Check out some awe-inspiring images of the landscapes you’ll be able to get in touch with yourself near. There are yoga retreats in all these top destinations! So slip into your yoga pants and onto a plane.

Domestic Venues

While international travel is a must-have experience in your lifetime, we understand that sometimes it just isn’t affordable. After all, plane tickets and retreat bundles are expensive, and money’s often tight. The good news is that there are great yoga retreat destinations in the US, too!

There’s a lot to explore even in your backyard. No matter whether you choose to go to another country or stay domestic, you’ll meet new people, see new sites, and learn more about yourself.

Head Out on a Yoga Retreat!

Even knowing how important a trip that lets you get away from your everyday life is, choosing a venue can be so daunting a process that you might procrastinate going away. Luckily, there are a lot of awesome locations that you can head out to for a yoga retreat.

Whether you choose a place in Asia, Europe, South America, or even in your own backyard, there’s so much to see, learn, and explore.

Now that you know some of the best destinations to consider for your yoga retreat, it’s time to shop for clothes to bring along on your trip. Check out our online store to find comfortable clothes that are tailor-made for exercise, inner peace, and new experiences.

Have fun and stay crunchy!