8 easy ways to carry your phone without pockets

When you are wearing Yoga pants or a dress, there is a good chance, you won’t have pockets. This can be frustrating and is the cause of many lost phones.

Today we will discuss a few options for keeping your cell phone safe that doesn’t involve sticking your phone in the waistband of your pants, or inside your bra.

Cellphone Lanyard

A cell phone lanyard is a string that hangs around your neck that holds your cell phone. There is a huge variety of these on the market. Starting with very basic ones that are just a string and maybe a plastic bag, but are usually waterproof. Then on the other side of the spectrum, there are very cute ones that make your phone look like a camera or a purse.

Next, they make some universal lanyards that are just bungee cords that wrap around your phone.

Lanyards are easy to put on and take off, and you always know you have your phone because it is very visible. The main drawback is it will jostle around quite a bit if you try to do anything other than going on a walk. And most of them only hold your phone.

Arm Band

An armband is exactly what it sounds like. It is an elastic band that you strap onto your arm which holds your cell phone. They make all sorts of sizes of armbands, so you have to make sure you get one that is compatible with your phone.

Armbands are really geared towards people who are running. They allow you to see what is going on with your phone through a clear plastic window on the front. And they typically have a hole for your headphone wire to pass through.

If all you need to carry is your cell phone and maybe a credit card, an armband is a good choice.

When these first came out they all looked pretty much the same. What is right for you really comes down to personal preference. They have these where you can easily disconnect your phone from your arm, and you can easily rotate it to more easily look at your phone while it is strapped to your arm.

Then they have the more traditional ones where they are simply stuck to your arm They are not easy to look at while they are on your arm unless you take them out of the case. But I personally feel more secure having the phone in one of these.

Next, they have enclosed bags for your phone. But these can start to get bulky as you add more stuff to carry around on your arm.

Finally, they have some that are like the more traditional ones I mentioned earlier. But they are built in a manner that you can access the touchscreen on your phone.

With all of these options, I think they work best with smaller phones. As phones get bigger, they have more mass and move around more as you run, jump, and tumble.

Garter Bag/Garter Purse

You don’t normally see people running around with garter bags. Maybe because they are usually covered up by someone’s dress. But these can be an effective way to carry your cell phone.

You don’t have to only wear these when you are wearing a dress. You can wear it over your yoga pants. Or on your leg when you are wearing shorts. It is a less common thing to see, so it will also be a bit of a conversation piece. You can think of it as an armband, but for your leg.

Garger purses come in many different styles. You can get lace ones, mini purses, and plain ones. The mini purse isn’t really big enough to hold your phone. But it will still give you a place to hold your key, credit card, and an id. Finally this garter bag is made specifically for cell phones.

Before you decide which one to get, think about whether you want to wear it on under a dress, over your pants, or with shorts. Then think about how it will look, if it will hold what you need, and which style you are going for. The lace one might be ok under a dress But if you are wearing it over your yoga pants, the plain one might fit in better. It really comes down to your personal style choices.

Fanny Pack/Belt Bag

Belt bags are great because you don’t have something hanging from your neck that swings around. And you don’t have something that greatly restricts your movement.

Belt bags can hold a lot more stuff than just your phone. It can be your batman utility belt, or your go everywhere purse. You may find that you prefer to use a belt bag over a purse, even if you have pockets. You can find a belt bag here in our store. There are also a variety of other styles and sizes.

Running belt

Running belts are similar to belt bags. They go around your waist and hold your most important items. The difference is they are usually smaller and lighter weight, flatter. A belt bag may be able to replace your entire purse. But typically, a running belt will only hold your small wallet, keys and cell phone at most.

That said, this is not universally true. There are some running belts that really look like a Batman utility belt complete with water bottles.

Next, there are running belts that look like a much smaller belt bag. Or you can get a running belt that looks like it is part of the waist band of your yoga pants. You can get them where your cell phone screen is exposed, similar to one of the armbands we discussed.

If you are going for a walk or a job, a belt bag will work well. But, with most running belts being closer to your body and typically holding less stuff, they are generally better if you are doing a lot of movement…unless you need the extra space of a fanny pack/belt bag.

Buy Yoga pants with pockets

This may seem like a blatantly obvious answer. But in recent years a lot of new yoga pants and leggings have been coming out with pockets. Choosing this option may mean that you don’t get to wear your favorite yoga pants. But it does mean you will have pockets.

The yoga pants that come with pockets have a large diversity of locations for the pockets. Some pants have pockets in the front of the waistband, others in the back waistband. Some are located on the leg.

Be sure to look through all the options before making your decision. Because if you don’t like how it feels to have it strapped to your leg, you have the option of having a pocket in the waistband of your yoga pants. If you can’t make up your mind, these pants have 5 pockets. One in the back of the waist band. One on each side of the waist band, and one on each leg.

You can also get yoga shorts with pockets.

Add pockets to your clothes

If you can’t buy clothes with pockets why not add pockets to the clothes you already have? There are many tutorials online about sewing pockets onto your clothes. I personally like this tutorial. It is easy to follow and the pockets turn out looking really nice.

If you are not inclined to sew. There are also many options for ironing on pockets. You can purchase iron-on pockets for your jacket, or for your pants/skirt/shorts. Both options are pretty reasonably priced. So you can experiment without breaking the bank.

Get a Sports bra with pockets

The athletic wear and athleisure markets have been exploding in recent years, and as a result, the options of clothes to wear have also greatly increased. You can now get sports bras with pockets built in.

This has many benefits including giving you a place to store your essentials such as your cell phone while working out. And it doesn’t require you to add anything else that will detract from your outfit, or distract you from your workout.

The most common cell phone pockets on sports bras have the pockets on the back as you can see here. These pockets in the back can be hard to reach. So you can also get them with pockets in the front and pockets on the side. However, the bras with the pockets on the side are not really big enough for a cell phone.


Today we discussed many ways to carry your phone when you don’t have pockets. As you can see you have many options including altering your clothes, different options when buying your clothes, and other creative ways to carry your phone when adding pockets is not an option. Hopefully, this helps you to keep your hands free, and your phone safe. If you have any other ideas of ways to carry your cell phone, please comment on this article so we can help others.