What does it mean to be Crunchy?

Crunchy is a term used to refer to someone’s way of life. It generally means that someone adheres to a hippie-like lifestyle or has more liberal views about life.

Today we will discuss in more detail what it means to be crunchy.

Origins of the term crunchy

Before we go any further, let’s first discuss the origins of the terms crunchy and granola. The word crunchy first originated in the late 1800s and refers to something that makes a crunching sound. This is, of course, not the meaning of the word that we are referring to. But it is related.

People who are crunchy are also referred to as granola. This has to do with the stereotype in the 1970s that hippies like to eat granola. If someone eats a lot of crunchy food, that would make that person crunchy, right? If you have ever eaten granola, you will know that it is indeed a very crunchy food.

Granola is not a new food. It has been around just a little longer than the term crunchy has been around. It was first invented in the 1870s and was the first cold cereal that people would eat. Granola grew in popularity over the years. But became much more popular in the 1970s following Woodstock.

The Woodstock music festival had a lot of problems related to catering, and they didn’t have enough food for everyone at the festival. There were efforts by many individuals to help out with the catering issues both by people at the event and by locals who lived near the event.

One notable contributor was Hugh Romney from the hog farm collective, who had been hired to help with security, brought in granola to help with the food shortages at the festival. To quote Hugh:

“What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for four hundred thousand! Now it’s gonna be good food and we’re going to get it to you. We’re all feedin’ each other”

They then proceeded to pass out rice, vegetables, and granola to the festival attendees for free. Whether or not it is deserved, this earned the hippies at the festival the reputation of eating a lot of granola.

What is a hippie?

A hippie is a member of a counter-culture movement from the 1960s and 70s. Hippies rejected the materialistic tendencies of western culture And instead embraced a more natural approach to society focussing on peace, love, and personal freedoms. Hippies mixed in many aspects of eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism and didn’t focus on. traditional western religions like Christianity and Judaism.

Some might consider the hippie movement a religious movement as it was such a central focus of the lives of those who took part in it. Some of the main ideas of hippies were they:

  • Rejected established institutions
  • Opposed nuclear weapons and the Vietnam War
  • Embraced aspects of Eastern philosophy
  • Championed sexual liberation
  • Were often vegetarian and eco-friendly
  • Promoted the use of psychedelic drugs
  • Used alternative arts, street theatre, folk music, and psychedelic rock
  • Opposed political and social orthodoxy
  • Chose a gentle and nondoctrinaire ideology that favored peace, love and personal freedoms
  • Perceived the dominant culture as a corrupt

Like any culture, you did not need to prescribe to all of these ideas to be part of the hippie movement. But these were major parts of the hippie culture.

What are the traits of someone who is crunchy?

In general, someone who is crunchy is going to have ideals that are similar to those in the hippie movement. They will not simply embrace ideas that are in the mainstream because they are mainstream. Instead, they will focus on what is a more natural or ethical approach to problems.

These ideals will embody their whole lifestyle and influence the foods they eat, the products they buy, and the things that they do.

For example, someone who is crunchy may prefer to use metal, silicone or bamboo straws instead of plastic ones. Both because they are more natural. And because they are more environmentally friendly.

Does that mean that everyone who is crunchy is a hippie?

Not at all. The hippie movement was something that happened in the ’60s and ’70s and during a different period in history. The hippie movement set in motion changes to many social norms. And things that maybe were taboo in the 60s would not be considered taboo today

For example, in the 1960’s it was taboo for men to have long hair. However, as time went on, the hippie movement normalized the idea of men having long hair. Throughout the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, you can see long hair spreading more into mainstream culture. Just look at pictures of Lynard Skynard, Def Leppard, Michael Bolton or Fabio Lanzoni. These are four different figures from different parts of our culture that have adopted this part of the lifestyle that hippies helped to normalize. Believing it is ok for men to have long hair is a somewhat crunchy thing. But does not mean you are a hippie.

The hippie movement is partially responsible for the existence of earth day in the United States. One of the characteristics of hippies is that they are eco-friendly. But just because you believe in earth day does not make you a hippie. The fact that you care about the health of our planet is a crunchy thing.

Finally, hippies believed in peace, love, and personal freedoms. This would include the ability for gay people to marry, the freedom to protest when you don’t believe that what is happening is right or ethical, and you believe that it is better to use peace rather than violence to solve problems.

Some of these things are outlined in our constitution. The freedom to protest comes from our first-amendment rights and applies to all. These non-violent protests are in-line with the laws in the USA as well as hippie ideals supporting ones freedom of expression. Does supporting the right to protest make you a hippie? Hardly, but again it is something that might make you a little crunchy.

What does it mean to be semi-crunchy?

As we discussed in the previous sections, a lot of being crunchy is wanting to use natural products, and be environmentally conscious. A crunchy person will prefer organic products such as food, clothes, etc.. A crunchy person will want to use biodegradable products and avoid synthetic materials such as plastic.

A semi-crunchy person will also prefer these ideals. But is willing to make compromises in some areas. For example, a crunchy person might go as far as to use organic cotton cloths with water as baby wipes. A semi-crunchy person will probably opt for disposable baby wipes. But will still do their best to get the most natural product possible.

A crunchy person will insist on eating organic, non-GMO food. A semi-crunchy person will try to eat organic as much as possible. But will make exceptions based on convenience or other factors.


Today we discussed what it means to be crunchy or granola We talked a bit about what hippies are and how it relates to being crunchy or granola. We discussed whether being crunchy means you are a hippie or not. And finally, we discussed some of the things that might make you crunchy.

In general, a crunchy person is someone who prefers natural and eco-friendly products and lifestyles. A semi-crunchy person also prefers these ideals but is willing to make some compromises.